Women’s History Month

Mar 24, 2022 | City of Ellijay News

Every month in the calendar year has a dedication to the history of events that mark significance on our calendars. Every March is dedicated to Women’s History. Originally Women’s History Month was introduced as only a week celebration in 1981 by the U.S. Congress. It took years before women gained the additional 3 weeks to that initial week. Even the attempt to have women celebrated for their accomplishments has faced its struggle which is a true testament to the gender struggles women have endured for centuries. Now 40 years later, there has been an incredible boom of inspiring women who continue the history of women’s struggle, triumph, and success. 

Shouting out to a couple of our close partners who are the embodiment of “Women get it done”, this is the time to support their business more than ever in March. 

Joann Antonelli.

What more can be said than her quote:

“I am an accomplished artist, designer, and gardener with an admitted compulsion for natural intuitive healing and a spiritual connection with the earth.”

Joann is the spirit of Ellijay wrapped in a woman for no man could ever be able to not only carry but radiate the creativity that is the town of Ellijay. Joann is one of the founders of Ellijay Coffeehouse. Many travelers come far and wide on a trip to northern Georgia for great eats and fresh coffee. But upon entering, many end up staying longer for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. A bookshelf of board games and cards keep the visiting patrons entertained as they gather people for great conversations. The shop’s inviting aura extends to its spacious back-patio and its collector’s room. In the collector’s room, you can buy lost treasures that are looking for a home. Star War collectibles, old retro games, and any classic figurines that make you nostalgic for the old days are gathered for the retreat of your golden days. But Joann does not just host a shop. She wrote all the blog posts that are found on Elliay’s Coffee House. If you have the time to read one of her posts we recommend the one about the beginning of her coffee house journey.

Donna Harper

Donna Harper is one of the proud owners of Blue Ridge Olive Oil Company. What started as a discovery of the benefits of olive oil has turned into a full-fledged business sitting on East Main Street. There are many health benefits to olive oil such as helping one lower cholesterol and blood pressure and helping to prevent strokes and Alzheimer’s. Now when choosing the perfect last-minute gift, olive oil reigns at the stop. Considering that these bottles will not only help improve the quality of every homemade meal, they also provide these amazing benefits as Donna Harper never sacrifices quality for her oils. Curating the sophisticated culture behind olive oils, customers have the pleasure of sampling oils and vinegar in BROOC’s tasting room; it is an old European custom. Coming from Donna, this entire experience makes sense. Why would someone be interested in olive oils? Well, Donna comes from a background of 30 years in healthcare. Caring for others’ health and development is evident in the business she runs. Whether you are being introduced to the finer oils or looking to expand your repertoire, Donna has you covered.

Samatha Wadley

On Main Street in Ellijay, lays the red brick locale for artisan craftsmanship of your everyday interior and exterior decor. But Artful Ellijay is anything but typical. Co-founded by Samatha Wadley, the shop houses anything from art pieces, formulated tables, and woven pillows to rest your head after a long day of shopping. Opened in the Fall of 2018, out-of-town residents have been rushing to Artful Ellijay to snag locally sourced decor that you can’t simply find in any department store. Even some of those running Artful Ellijay have moved from big cities to the small quaint town of Ellijay. Artful Ellijay’s Design Center team is composed of just women with tremendous experience. 

  • Laura Webb: has worked for several architectural firms specializing in commercial design.
  • Charlene Tittle: Charlene’s career around Atlanta has given
  • Nicole Kittilstved: Nicole has been designing custom kitchens and cabinetry for over 30 years
  • Pam Holman: worked 30 years alongside developers for condos, resorts, and luxury homes
  • Ashley McGowan: spent 15 years building one of the top wedding planning firms in the Southeast

What started as a personally crafted wedding gift for Samantha has turned into a full ledge business alongside this extremely talented team of creative women. Not a wedding bad gift at all.

For Women’s History Month, who do you plan on supporting?

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