Shopping Guide Day 3: Gifts for Her

Dec 10, 2019 | Shopping

We can all agree, it’s tough to shop for her. You’re trudging through your memory of the past year to think about all the things she mentioned, gave a second look at, or liked on Instagram. You want to come up with something that’s personal and unique. But also useful – not just an item that gets you an, “aww, that’s sweet” on Christmas day then gets sent to the back of the closet, only to get downsized during spring cleaning when she realizes it doesn’t bring her joy.  Our artful touch coupled with your romantic gesture will be a thoughtful gift that’s personal, creative, functional, and long-lasting.

“Wanderlust” Tote

Speak to her sense of adventure with this stylish and functional Wanderlust Tote. This handy tote is the perfect size for any occasion! Plan a fun day together and pack a picnic in this tote. You’ll give her a memory and a gift she’ll carry all year round!

Velvet Zip Up Pouch

Available in several fun colors and combinations. these zip pouches are a perfect stocking stuffer! A simple, but useful pouch is always needed. You can use this as a way to hide a romantic gesture, such as tickets to her favorite show, a personal note or a photo that she would cherish.   


You’ll never go wrong with a great candlelit dinner. We have a variety of candles to choose from that’ll be the centerpiece to spark a romantic evening.

Twin Mason Jar Flower Arranger

Add some rustic flare to your flower arrangement with these twin mason jar flower vases. Personalize with her favorite flowers for a thoughtful gesture inside of a gift that will bring joy year round!

Jewelry Holder

This Stoneware Jewelry Holder is perfect if you’re ready to gift the ultimate accessory (wink, wink)…but if not, this holds bracelets as well. We highly recommend checking out our friends, and former artisan spotlights, InspireDesigns and Jupiter Sky Design, for truly original pieces of wearable art.

Enjoy your time in Ellijay, your loved ones, and the gifts you share together!

Brought to you by your friends at Artful Ellijay. Happy shopping!   

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