Amicalola Falls

Feb 6, 2010 | Travel - Tourism

You will find the Amicalola Falls Trail located at the Amicolola Falls State Park, which is close to Ellijay and less than an hour away from the town of Blue Ridge GA. Amicalola Falls is one of the places in North Georgia that is visited the most so be prepared for some traffic at peak viewing times. You will be truly amazed when you see this 600-700 foot high waterfall.  The trail starts at the bottom of the falls and goes clear up to the top; however, you do not have to start at the bottom if you don’t want to.  You have the option of parking near the middle, at the top or at the bottom and then walking to the falls.  Platforms for viewing and wooden steps are located a little over a third of the way up so you can experience stunning views of the falls.  There is a reflecting pool at the bottom of Amicalola Falls that can be very calming and relaxing. There is a very limited number of campsites for tents, RVs, and trailers so be sure to plan ahead.

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