Celebrate Your Pet On National Pet Day

Apr 6, 2022 | News and Events

Centuries of domestication have turned many feral creatures into the four-legged furries we call pets. Pets make for great companions and are great for lessons for responsibility. We provide food, love, and shelter and they sometimes love us in return, we’re looking at your cats! But let’s put extra love in this year for our pets this National Pets Day. This year’s National Pets Day falls on Monday, April 11th. For those who are seeking ways to celebrate their pets, there are plenty of ways to show love.

The first National Pet Day

The first National Pet Day appeared on the calendar in 2006 due to the efforts of Colleen Paige. Colleen Paige, an animal welfare expert, not only wanted to bring attention to the care of our pets but also advocates awareness of animal shelters and the growing number of abandoned animals without homes. “Don’t shop! Adopt!” became the motto that has transcended the attachment of the holiday and has become a general rule of them when people consider getting pets. According to PETA, at any moment there are 70 million abandoned pets in the US. While we stare at our companion’s eyes, let’s be grateful that we have the means to give our pets real care.                                                         

We can acknowledge that our muscles can go for a walk every once in a while. Walking, running, and fetching can be tiring tasks for both dogs and humans. Reward your pet this holiday with a loving message to ease those muscles for long play sessions. Massages can help your dog with anxiety, arthritis, and is great for regular muscle maintenance. Take into consideration that animal anatomy rings similar to people, they can feel stress and tension in their body at any moment. Start a massage by gently petting the area of interest on your pet. Once you feel your bed ease into the movement, begin to expand the area and move around the body. Be sure to get hard-to-reach areas. It is a great way to learn whether or not your dog has an area of pain and prevent further injuries.

Find your local dog park so your dog can make new friends.

Exposing your dog at an early age to other dogs will train your dog to have good play manners as they grow. A day at the dog park will provide a great overall exercise as they run, chase, and hop around the park. Dogs need to interact with other animals that understand their body language and sounds so they practice theirs in a healthy manner. These happy stimulants are the foundations of your dog living a long and healthy life. And these benefits are reflective of the owner themself as they surround themselves with other passionate owners. As you build and display friendly relationships in front of your pet, they will in turn carry that positivity into their interactions as they understand that they are in a calm environment. 

What does your pet look forward to as a treat?

Every day our pets are subjected to the manufactured food processed for mass consumption. Every product has its full list of nutrients and benefits that fuel our pets for long and healthy life. Similar to our attempts of living a healthy life, we falter to the occasional treat. We tend to throw the occasional last piece of dinner to them but there are certain products that are meant to overload their animal taste buds. Starbucks’s Puppuccino is the treat that has taken social media by storm. While it may sound artisan, it is simply just whipped cream in an espresso cup. You and your 4 legged companions can enjoy a nice coffee date. Stop for a cold brew or an iced shook espresso and scroll through your newsfeed as your pet licks that cup clean, be sure to snap a cute photo of the aftermath.

Gift your dog with a fun new toy this holiday.

Like any celebration for the self (birthdays, father/mother’s days, anniversary, etc.,), gifts usually are the wrap to an amazing gift of a day. At Mountain Hounds, you’ll notice the assortment of treats that are visibly available for purchase. Great for getting your dog motivated for positive behavior. Purchasing new toys can help prevent injuries as you discard old and worn toys. The wear and tear of toys can become a choking hazard that is best to be avoided to prevent any anxiety they can develop from panic. New toys can be stimulating as they challenge your dog’s mind with new challenges. A selection of global and small artisan pet toys can be found at Mountain Hounds both not only dogs but cats included. From Goli Toys for felines to well-known Bene Bones can be found throwing the shopping cart every time. Make sure to make a stop at Mountain Hounds and have your pet pick out a new toy. Be sure to tag the store on your socials for pet exposure. 

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