Ellijay River House B&B

128 River Street Ellijay
Ellijay, Georgia 30540
(770) 883-3797

Karen and Keith Kreager purchased a cabin in Ellijay on 75 acres several years ago. Being in the corporate world in Atlanta ,the cabin gave them a weekend place to relax and get to know Ellijay and all it offers.

Fast forward to a few years later they are out to dinner at River Street Tavern…one of our favorite downtown restaurants!
The story goes they were at the bar and beside them was a real estate brochure.

A vintage brick home built in 1915 was featured and was brand new on the market!

It was literally five or so houses from the tavern on River Street. I don’t know quite how many cocktails were consumed ,but before dinner was over they made an appointment to see it the next day.

And the rest is history! Within a matter of weeks Karen and Keith were proud owners of a bed and breakfast in historic downtown Ellijay. The house needed a lot of love and attention but the layout was perfect for them to have a private residence and be the keepers of the Inn.
It was a daunting task as the house had not been touched since the early 1980s. They knew professional help was needed and wanted to work with a local design team.

So along came Artful Ellijay which was also in it’s beginning stages.

The transformation was not only the selection of colors, rugs, furnishings and accessories but a few remodeling projects including the addition of two brand new bathrooms in the upstairs area. There are a total of 4 rooms available each with its own bath.
Within a matter of months it was all polished and looking very much like an updated inn while retaining its charm and character.
The location to downtown Ellijay is absolutely perfect. It is a quick walk to shops and dining and Karen and Keith have hosted a lot of very pleased folks in the past 2 1/2 years.

We highly recommend making reservations in advance as they have become a real destination in Ellijay. They are delightful and are the best hosts anyone could imagine and Keith prepares a delicious breakfast!

Please go to the website Ellijay River House and see photos and comments about this lovely vintage home.
Plan to visit our lovely city soon and when you do you might consider staying at the Ellijay River House. Hope to see you there.

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