MooBears Ice Cream shop in Ellijay, GA

Ice Cream & Hot Dogs & Candy – OH MY!!!

For every single member of my family, MooBears is an all time favorite. They close each year around December 31st and reopen around St Patrick’s Day. We’re always on pins and needles waiting for the reopening and the promise of ice cream as much as possible throughout the year. A typical Friday for our family is a trip to MooBears for waffle cones, yummy!

MooBears Ice Cream & Hotdog shop pickup location

So, this year MooBears opened on Thursday March 12th and by Friday the 13th: Covid-19 Virus. That meant we did not make our trip to MooBears over the weekend as planned. While we are waiting on the virus to be controlled and our lives to resume normal, we will dream of MooBears and think of all the different flavors we will try during our next visit.

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We each have our favorites. Peach is the absolute best I have ever had. It is seasonal and doesn’t last long. Eskimo kisses, one of my Summertime favorites, is light and refreshing on a hot day. My kiddos love Superman and Bubble Gum. My husband loves Vanilla and Butter Pecan and always gets a waffle cone. Then of course there is always Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and so many others to choose from.

The Hyde Family is patiently awaiting our ice cream fix and social distancing until further notice.

MooBears Ice Cream & Hotdog shop decorated for Christmas with Santa Hat

Excited to see MooBears come out of this hibernation!

Written by Jill Hyde, lifelong Gilmer resident.

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