Green Willow Soaps storefront in Downtown Ellijay.
Green Willow Soaps in Downtown Ellijay

If you’re like me, you like to smell good while you’re washing away the viral uglies created when you dared to venture out to the grocery store to see if you could finally score some toilet paper. Thankfully, Green Willow Soap, owned by Laura Thomas, always has my back...and the back of my hands.

Flowers outside of Green Willow Soap in Downtown Ellijay
Bath bombs, spray colognes, and so much more including bath and shower accessories!

I first went to Green Willow Soap when I moved back to Ellijay last fall. I am very picky about what scents I like, and I fell in love with several! My favorite is the Mystic Quest. Not only do I use it to clean the cooties off, but I slice it up and put it around the house to scent the air and inside my drawers to make my clothes smell good! In addition to soaps, she has body mousse that makes your skin feel like buttahhhhhh.

Hanging Sign outside of Green Willow Soap in Downtown Ellijay

I bought the cutest gift bag for my mother and some goat’s milk soap for my sister and her sensitive skin. They are still raving about them 4 months later.

But wait, there’s more! Next to the store is a spa where you can have the cares of the world massaged away. And, they have the softest bathrobes I’ve ever felt. Hands down.

And if that’s not enough, the store and spa are always decorated to put a smile on your face and remember that you live in the greatest small town in Georgia. They won the Christmas Decoration contest this past year, and now the window boxes are filled with the most gorgeous tulips.

Green Willow Soap storefront decorated for the holidays
All decorated for the 2019 Holidays!
Colorful tulips outside of Green Willow Spa in Downtown Ellijay
Spring 2020 outside Green Willow Soap!

The Spa is currently closed due to Covid-19 so make your reservations now for when this is all behind us. While the store is closed for foot traffic, you can order online or by phone. Laura will make sure you’re sanitized, smell good, and support the local economy. Win/Win for everyone.


By Elise Dyke, Ellijay born & raised 


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(706) 273-1250

Adorable Pug smelling the tulips outside Green Willow Spa in Downtown Ellijay
Green Willow Soap is Riley approved!

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